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NEGATIVE RAKE INSERT with 6 cutting tips. Good for boring cast iron.
Same as LW-1120 but Titanium-Nitride coated for long life. Excellent for hard materials, aluminum, and high speed boring.
Positive rake insert with 3 cutting tips. Used on C'Bore tools, Chamfering tools, and some Ground Zero Tooling.
Same as LW-1119 except titanium-nitride coated.
e rake insert with 3 cutting tips. Used on the LW-8000 Series Ground Zero Tooling. Allows boring smaller diameter than original Ground Zero Series Tooling.
Positive rake insert with 3 cutting tips. Used on LW-1463 and LW-1464 tools for KW Mod. FWH Bar.
Insert screw for Storm Vulcan 850 Milling Machine.

Insert for LW-858-9 Positive Rake Tool with 3 cutting tips. Designed to cut both Aluminum or Cast Iron.
NOTE: ALL INSERTS Except forLW-858205 are sold in Boxes of 10.

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