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    Lacey M. Williams Equipment has become a major leader in engine rebuilding equipment over the last 40 years. We offer the most complete selection of new, reconditioned and used engine rebuilding equipment available. We also maintain a vast inventory of repair parts and operating supplies for ---

      AXE - Spray Washers, Cylinder Hones, Pressure Testers
      KW PRODUCTS - Kwik-Way Valve Facers, Seat Grinders, Boring Bars, Cylinder Hones, Flywheel Grinders
      RMC - Engine Rebuilding Equipment
      SIOUX - Valve Grinding Equipment, Power Tools
      STORM - VULCAN - MATTONI - Engine Rebuilding Equipment
      ABS - Specialty Equipment
      BLAST-IT-ALL - Glass Bead Machines
      INTERCHEM - Cleaning Compounds, Honing Oils, Filtration Systems
      JET - Drill Presses, Lathes, Milling Machines
      K-LINE - Automotive Repair Tools and Shop Supplies
      MITUTOYO - Precision Measuring Instruments
      PRO-BAL - Balancers
      RELS - Brake Equipment
      PRO-BAL - Balancers
      STEELABRATOR - Cleaning Systems
      SUNNEN - Stones, Repair Parts
      VAN NORMAN - Flywheel Grinders
      WILLIAMS - Accu-chuck, Boring Stands, Super 6 Tools, Accu-Deck Tooling, Brake Equipment Tooling


      Glass Beads, Steel Shot, Cleaning Compounds
      Valve Guides, Valve Seats, Pioneer Engine Parts

      Over 75 Years Experience in Rebuilding
      Automotive Machine Shop Equipment

      Used and Reconditioned Equipment Available

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